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Lille: an exhibition dedicated to Jean-Paul Belmondo delights its fans




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Lille: an exhibition dedicated to Jean-Paul Belmondo delights its fans

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In Lille (North), an exhibition on Jean-Paul Belmondo opened on Saturday September 11 at the Palais Rihour.

As part of the Cinecomedies festival, it is possible to see “Cascade comedies”, an exhibition dedicated to Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Palais Rihour, since Saturday 11 September. From its opening the fans were there. Jean-Paul Belmondo rocked my childhood (…) there are emotions that come back when you see the shooting photos “, says Fabien Dieu, a fan from Le Mans (Sarthe).

The exhibition, in preparation for two years, traces the career of Jean-Paul Belmondo through reports, film posters, objects and photos. “He is our idol to all of us, and so we decided to pay tribute to him. Unfortunately, the news has caught up with us, and we are sad to have the first posthumous exhibition. We would have liked it to be an exhibition that he can see while he is alive. This is what was planned at the base “, says Jérémie Imbert, the organizer of the Cinecomedies Festival.

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