“Le Discours”: a comedy about your thirties and family meals


Video length: 2 min.

France 2

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N. Hayter, P. Deschamps, F. Dumont

France 2

France Televisions

“Le Discours”, directed by Laurent Tirard, will be released on June 9th. This comedy tells the story of a young man with a broken heart constantly escaping from a family meal to speak directly to the spectator.

This is the story of Adrien, obsessed with his breakup with his girlfriend and a speech he has to write for a wedding ceremony. “I saw the playground it was, this kind of animation park, with voiceover, from the front of the camera, putting on a wig, playing a romantic encounter – because it’s a romance, too. (…) it’s a fairly unique role “, says Benjamin Lavernhe, the actor who takes on the role of Adrien.

Adrien is sometimes hypochondriac, egocentric, childish, or big dadais with a tender heart: he makes tons of it, and the spectator asks for more. The funny and pathetic journey of this character seduced Fran├žois Morel, who plays the role of his father. “It’s a little UFO, it’s both an auteur film, where we talk about things that are ultimately quite deep, about the family, human relationships, with a background of melancholy, and then at the same time, this ‘is super funny “, launches the actor. This summer comedy reunites also Sara Giraudeau and Kyan Khojandi.

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