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Jean-Paul Belmondo: in the Doubs a collector displays his passion for the actor


Since his death Monday, September 6, tributes to Jean-Paul Belmondo have multiplied. In the Doubs, a passionate collector is preparing to organize an exhibition of photos and posters in memory of the actor. To see from October 2 to 31 at the town hall of Pontarlier.

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There will have been the homage of the Nation, that of his family and the profession. And then there are all these testimonials from the fans of Jean-Paul Belmondo, orphans of an actor who will have accompanied them throughout their lives. Claude Bertin-Denis is one of these enthusiasts. The one that has been nicknamed the “Mister Posters” of the Doubs, has an impressive collection of film posters and photos relating to the cinema. A collection in which Bébel plays a separate role and which will serve as the basis for an exhibition in October in Pontarlier.

Tribute from a collector to Jean-Paul Belmondo

In the old church which now serves as an archive, Claude Bertin-Denis makes his way through hundreds of boxes. A labyrinth of which he knows every nook and cranny, every treasure. Because these are many treasures that contain these boxes. Thousands of posters and photos of films and actors. In total more than two million pieces carefully sorted and classified. A monumental collection started in 1957, the same year in which Sunday friends by Henri Aisner, the first film starring a certain Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Since this first cinematographic encounter, Claude Bertin-Denis has seen everything about the artist. In his archives, he has hundreds of photos and 200 posters of the Magnificent films: “I have almost all of his filmography. With three or four titles, I can show all of his work.” And that’s what this absolute fan is about to do. At the head of the Iconographic Resource Center for the Cinema of Friends of the Pontarlier Museum, he organizes an exhibition dedicated to the actor throughout the month of October at the town hall of the Franche-Comté city. It must be said that the region has not forgotten Jean-Paul Belmondo. Passing through Haut-Doubs in 1994 for the filming of Miserable by Claude Lelouch, the actor has left an indelible mark. That of a great actor (“at the height of a Jean Gabin” underlines Claude Bertin-Denis) but also and above all a great man, attentive and kind.

Exposure Jean-Paul Belmondo, 1933-2021, from October 2 to 31 in the hall of the town hall of Pontarlier. Free entry.




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