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James Bond comes out of Corona fears late / Filmmakers unhappy – News i Agency | Art


Reportedly News i Producers of the James Bond company announced Wednesday Wednesday that "it's not time to die", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

MGM, Eon Productions and Universal have announced that they will release the 25th James Bond movie with a six-month delay, and the release date will be postponed from April to November.

This decision is the result of the consequences of the Corona virus overshadowing the film market. There are now close to 7,000 movie theaters in China, and in countries such as South Korea and Italy, movie theaters are at risk of coronavirus.

"There is no time to die", built on a $ 5 million budget with no marketing account, seems to be left alone in this market. At the same time, this is unpleasant news for filmmakers who themselves are pushing for online movie viewing.

The Association of Cinematographers issued a statement criticizing the decision, stressing that all cinemas in the US, Canada and other best-selling countries are open because cinema is both international and local, and the delayed release of James Bond is a unique decision for the company and the film. is considered.

In the UK, "There Is No Time To Die" was due to hit cinemas in London on March 5 and go on screen in the US after April 9.

Disney, however, has announced that it will not change the screenings of its films, and Mulan will hit theaters in late March and "Black Widow" in early May. While China was an important market for Mulan.

A few days ago, a virtual letter from fans of the film urged film makers to postpone the screening. The letter said it was only a movie and that people's health was more important.

The decision is "not the time to die", with Daniel Craig, last seen in the role of James Bond, set to release November 9 in the UK and November 6 in the US.




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