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Harry Potter actor escapes from "magic" world / Narrative of apartheid world – News i Agency | Art


Reportedly News i According to Variety, Daniel Radcliffe is still further from the Harry Potter world with his film Escape from Pretoria. In the independent film, released March 6, she plays the role of Tim Jenkins, an anti-apartheid activist who was jailed for distributing anti-government racist statements in South Africa. Sentenced to five years in prison, he plans to escape Pretoria Central Prison.

Radcliffe spoke in an interview with Variety about his role in the film, his love for the theater scene, and why he would never return to Harry Potter.

What drew you to "Escape from Pretoria"?

Its a great physical puzzle. How they managed to open and escape the dreaded prison doors with the arrow keys. It was also good that these were people who could be fully supported. People want to run away because they shouldn't be in prison. They are victims of a repressive and dictatorial regime, so it was a great story and I wanted to be a part of it.

Did you spend much time with the Jenkins team?

Yes. He also played a minor role in the film. I am not lying. It was very scary that she was on stage because I knew I was playing her life somehow. We were all walking in jail, and there was somebody who was living the story. I kept thinking that it was going to be a very strange thing for him, and I was worried that we were going to make it easy. But she seemed to like being there and took a lot of time to do so. Despite being told this story thousands of times, she was very patient and answered all my questions.

There's a lot of talk about choosing your films after Harry Potter is over. You've probably played a lot of different movies like "Horns" and "Swiss Army Man" but do you agree with that?

It wasn't like saying "Harry Potter" to find the strangest roles for me. Just because it's weird, I didn't choose projects. For example, "Swiss Army Man" is a very clever film that has something beautiful to say about being human. I think for a very long time people have been watching me play a role, so when I do things differently, it seems more and more.

Did you return to the role of Harry Potter in the films "Extraordinary Monsters and Their Habitats"?

I do not think. I'm not saying no, but it's not something I want to rush to. I feel those films are continuing to do well without us. I'm glad to let it stay that way. I'm happy with my current life. I'm not going to say anything about franchisees, but I like the flexibility of my current job. And I don't want to get into a situation where I'm already closed for a multi-year contract series.

You play Alan Cumming in "End of the Game" in West End (British Theater). Are you planning to bring this show to Broadway?

I would love to go back to Broadway. I don't know if it will be the end of the game, but I will definitely be back. Broadway and New York have been very kind to me and a great place to work. As soon as I can find a way back to it.

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