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Deconfinement: reopening is approaching for cinemas, museums and theaters

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Deconfinement: reopening is approaching for cinemas, museums and theaters

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N. Lemarignier, C. Azzopardi, E. Cornet, S. Guibout, F. Bazille, C. Brunet, N. Sadok

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France Televisions

The deconfinement provides for the end of the closures of cinemas, museums and theaters. The reopening is being organized to manage to welcome the public while respecting the gauge limits.

After six months of closure in France, the cinemas will reopen from May 19. A real relief for fans of the seventh art who are impatient. Several hundred films are waiting to be released. On the theaters side, however, the recovery will be a little slower. “We know very well that by opening on May 19, in any case we will not be able to put on a show in 15 days, communicate about it… We are facing a wall so the season has already been ruined for several months”, regrets Marc Lesage, director of the Théâtre de l’Atelier.

Many museums are also preparing to reopen. But as for cinemas and theaters, it will be necessary to respect the attendance gauges, the terms of which are not yet known. “Whatever the gauges, they will be respected. For a year, we have been used to this type of exercise and we have all the different possible scenarios. So the gauge is not a problem”, assures Marianne Mathieu, artistic director of the Marmottan-Monet museum.


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