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Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: boxing, his other passion

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Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: boxing, his other passion

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Before making a memorable film career, Jean-Paul Belmondo practiced boxing for a long time. A sport that served him well for the rest of his life.

Jean-Paul Belmondo did not live only for the cinema. The actor was also a big fan of sport and of a discipline in particular: boxing. It was in a club in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) that he trained. Tuesday September 7, if nobody knew him, all the members of the club are touched by his disappearance. Posters of the actor line some walls of the training room, which also bears the name of the star. “Everyone is in mourning”, confides a sportsman on the spot.

The actor followed boxing fights for a long time, even going so far as to be the godfather of French boxers at the Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia) in 2000. A passion that was also present in some of his films. In The ace of aces, Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a boxing trainer and he even plays the role of a boxer in The Elder of the Ferchaux. In 1961, he even explains that this sport has helped him in his daily life, teaching him to “Hang on when things are bad. Then when you’re a little desperate, not to listen to yourself, to continue to fight. I think I learned that with boxing”, he said.


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