Cinema: “We have a wonderful expression of the love of the public in the theaters”, according to the deputy general delegate of the National Federation of cinemas



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The Cannes film festival coincided with the confirmed rebound of French cinema and the return of the public to theaters, after long months of closure due to the health crisis.

The closing ceremony of the 74th Cannes Film Festival was held on Saturday July 17th. Titanium by Julia Ducournau received the Palme d’Or. “It was a fairly non-conformist ceremony. We had an unconventional jury president, it was a bit original. The festival took place in July and not in May. It came after all this period of the Covid-19 crisis. which we did not come out of “, details Marc-Olivier Sebbag, Deputy General Delegate of the National Federation of French Cinemas.

The latter was then questioned about the reopening of cinemas and the return of spectators, always more numerous. “The cinema is back in theaters since May 19. In France, the public is also back, there is a tremendous expression of the public’s love in theaters. There are a lot of young people. festival of the cinema, where we reached the best levels for six years, we found an almost normal attendance “, rejoiced Marc-Olivier Sebbag.

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