Cinema: “Spirale”, new chapter of the “Saw” franchise

Chris Rock, actor, writer and executive producer of “Spiraling the Legacy of Saw” – Released July 21, 2021 (BROOKE PALMER)

A psychopathic killer nicknamed “Jigsaw” – the puzzle killer – who ties up his victims, always guilty of something, and leaves them with only torture or mutilation to escape death. With eight chapters spread between 2004 and 2017, it was thought that the series of “Saw”, which has become cult over time despite a very uneven quality, had drawn and emptied the bottom of the drawer, bringing in the passage all the same almost ‘a billion dollars.

This was counting without the taste of comedian Chris Rock for the franchise. He had the idea of ​​this new chapter which takes up the codes of the previous ones without however bringing back the famous killer. “I am a big fan of the series of Saw. One of the reasons is the famous traps: they are so elaborate! It’s almost medieval, something you could see in Game Of Thrones, for example.

I wondered what it would be like if we incorporated humor into it. I offered it to the producers, who thought it was a good idea.

Chris Rock, screenwriter and actor of “Spirale”

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Chris Rock also plays the main role, that of a police inspector with a tumultuous life and complicated relations with his teammates, finding himself worried about murders and their macabre staging reminiscent of Jigsaw’s. The actor, used to more humorous roles, seems to want to give a new inflection to his career, after already another more serious character played in the fourth season of the Fargo series: “There are a lot of movies where comedians play cops, especially black comedians, by the way: Eddie Murphy, Martin Mawrence, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx … Lots of people have done it. I didn’t want to do the same, so how about a horror movie?

also with the cast Samuel Jackson and a very good Mike Minghella, Spiral the Legacy of Saw at least has the merit of renewing the franchise a little and pushing it even further into gore and burlesque, failing to be successful on all fronts. Fans of the series and the genre should be in for a treat.

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