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Cinema: spectators have deserted theaters since the arrival of the health pass

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Health pass: spectators desert the cinemas
France 3

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L. Hakim, V. Gaget, R.Asencio, JM. Mier, L. Marques, France 3 Amiens, J. Chouquet

France 3

France Televisions

The health pass is mandatory to go to the cinema since Wednesday July 21. Attendance is down sharply, declining bosses are trying toadapt but do not hide their concern.

This is not not the missing films, but the public! In this Hauts-de-Seine cinema, the film of the moment, Kaamelott, is shown in a room with 400 seats, far from being full … There were three of us. I thought there would be more people than that“, testifies a cinephile. A weekend is unexpected“blows a visitor. The follow-up session is no better, less than 20 people, the director is devastated. You have the illustration, in this empty room, the other rooms are like that and the other cinemas are like that. We are really in the pain“, he testifies.

For a movie like Kaamelott, it is a vertiginous fall. They were 320,000 spectators Tuesday, July 20 for the preview and three times less the next day, the day the health pass came into effect. In total, it is a decrease of 70% and up to -92% viewers on certain films. Outside the cinema, a dedicated staff is in place to filter the pass. More expenses and less expenses, horseback riding is impossible for cinemas. Some cinemas offer on-site tests to ensure spectator accessibility and reduce the gauges to avoid the health pass.


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