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Cinema: “Dune”, the adaptation of the epic saga by Denis Villeneuve




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Cinema: Dune, the epic saga is back in theaters
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R.Asencio, V. Lucas, I. Cavaletto

France 2

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On Wednesday September 15, 2021, the film “Dune”, an adaptation of Franck Herbert’s successful novels published in the 60s, will be released in theaters.

This Wednesday, September 15, fans of the saga Dune will certainly be lining up in front of the cinemas. Considered a masterpiece in the 60s, the novel by Franck Herbert is experiencing a new adaptation to the cinema. The story is simple, different forces clash for the “spice”, an essential resource for human life. This film is intended to be faithful to the author’s novel.

If some directors have already tried to convert this novel into a film, a curse exists on this work. Not all of the previous adaptations have been a real hit with critics and viewers. To break this fate, the director of the film wants to keep the recipe that made the success of the saga in a book, “I tried to protect the major issues of the novel such as the criticism of colonialism and the overexploitation of natural resources”, confides Denis Villeneuve the director of this adaptation. If successful, a sequel will emerge very quickly.




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