Cinema: Alex Lutz, clay pro in “5th set”


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France 3

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N. Hayter, C. Vignal, E. Piquereau P. Goldman

France 3

France Televisions

In “5th set”, Alex Lutz takes on the role of a tennis player, a great hope who has never managed to meet the expectations placed on him. While his damaged body sends him to retirement, he registers one last time for the qualifications of Roland-Garros.

The yellow ball is his whole life. Considered one of the great hopes of French tennis, Thomas has never seen his career take off. At 37, the character embodied by Alex lutz is married, and the father of a little boy, but tennis is still around. He decides to try his luck again. The challenge is enormous, no one believes it, but Thomas is determined.

At the beginning Thomas makes sparks, but he suffers, his body is no longer 20 years old, and his family struggles with this return to grace. Five hours of sport every day for four months were necessary to make Alex Lutz an exemplary tennis player. “The goal of the game was even in my way of taking a bag or a bottle (…), we shouldn’t doubt for half a second that I don’t have thirty years of tennis behind”, says the actor. The end of the film feels like a real finale. We vibrate for Thomas until the end of the 5th set.

5th set, directed by Quentin Reynaud, in theaters on June 16, 2021.

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