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Arielle Dombasle and Jean-Marie Besset shoot “The girl and the boy” in the Aude: between sincere love and sexual games


Man of the theater, author and director, Jean-Marie Besset goes behind the camera. His first movie, The girl and the boy, recounts the amorous and sexual games between an upper middle class couple and two young migrants.

For this feature film, the Audois playwright has surrounded himself with a fine team of actors and technicians. Alongside Arielle Dombasle, who embodies a great bourgeois in Occitania, we find Aurélien Recoing and Iranian actress Mina Kavani. “I am lucky to have these exceptional actors to direct the film”, rejoices Jean-Marie Besset on the set.

Jean Marie Besset film shoot

The girl and the boy evokes the feelings of love between four characters that everything opposes, lost in the whirlwind of life. Besset interweaves contemporary social issues with the language of Diderot, Voltaire or Marivaux. “This young couple goes from one thing to another to lend themselves to games which are initially sexual, it starts a little with prostitution and it evolves towards more sincere feelings, of affection and love”, reveals the director.

With this chiseled text that addresses many topical issues, the acting is minimalist but subtle. It is all this that seduced the unclassifiable Arielle Dombasle. “It’s refreshing to see a film where there is truth, thought and where all kinds of questions are asked such as sensuality, love and integration, our Christian morality, other ways of seeing the world, that’s great “, enthuses the actress.

The work of Jean-Marie Besset questions the relationships between men and women as well as their origins. Mina Kavani, Iranian actress, banned from staying in her country appreciates this look. “For once, it’s not an immigrant who is badly dressed or miserable, I really liked her uncliched point of view”, she assures.




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