An exhibition dedicated to screenwriter Michel Audiard at the Beuil cinema museum in Eure

The Jean Delannoy cinema and photography museum in Beuil, in the Eure region, is dedicating the major exhibition of its season to Michel Audiard. Discover the work of the famous screenwriter and director every weekend until October 31, 2021.

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The Jean Delannoy Museum of Cinema and Photography tells us about the history of cinema, before the arrival of digital. This place of memory of the 7th art, managed by the daughter of filmmaker Jean Delannoy, conceals many treasures for all enthusiasts. But the structure, which only works with volunteers, has suffered greatly from the health crisis. Everyone hopes that the exhibition dedicated to the very popular Michel Audiard will attract the public.

Reopening of the Bueil cinema museum

Finally the visitors are back! It’s been a year since the temporary exhibition was installed, ready to be unveiled. A year that museum volunteers wondered when they could ever reopen. Because the structure only lives thanks to memberships and donations. “Last year, we had no visitors. In 2019, we had 1600 visitors over 6 months …”, explains Josette Martinage, secretary of the association of friends of Jean Delannoy. “But now, it seems to be waking up. We already have groups for this summer and even for the month of October”.

This museum is an example of the involvement of volunteers, without whom small cultural structures could not survive. Without them, this museum, which allows you to discover behind the scenes, would not exist. It is the legacy of filmmaker Jean Delannoy that is preserved here. His daughter, Claire, runs the structure and often lends items from her personal collection to mount the exhibitions. She invests a lot, like the fifteen other members of the team. “It takes a lot of work, being present every weekend to welcome the public. All of this is important to do, but also heavy to carry”, she explains.

The museum is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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